Substation Projects

Western Spirit Switchyard- Encino, New Mexico

Cut to fill, replace topsoil, install conduit and grounding, SWMP

Completed: March 2021

Gila Substation Erosion Control- Yuma, Arizona

Improve drainage and erosion control measures on an existing pad.

Completed:  January 2021 

Northern Divide Substation- Columbus, North Dakota

Road and Pad construction including: Strip, cut to fill, import material, install drainage, replace topsoil, surface rock

Compled:  November 2020

Daniel’s Park Substation- Lone Tree, Colorado 

Excavate and remove excess material, demo and dispose of existing retaining wall and curb, install new retaining wall, regrade expansion area.     

Completed: October 2020

Phantom Substation- Malaga, New Mexico

Install conduit, grounding, and surfacing stone.

Completed: October 2020

Craig Switchyard- Craig, Colorado

Strip and stockpile clean rock, grade, scarify, and recompact subgrade. Install trench drain system and repair exterior of substation yard. Install new grounding grid and ground rods.

Completed: August 2020

Pronghorn Statcom- Matheson, Colorado

Strip and stockpile topsoil, perform cut to fill, install drainages, road base and site security fence

Completed: May 2020

NREL Substation- Golden, Colorado

New 115kV substation with concrete piers and fencing                 

Completed: May 2020  

Blue Summit Substation- Chillicothe, Texas

Strip and stockpile topsoil, perform cut to fill and import road base

Completed: October 2019

Arnold Substation- Brighton, Colorado

Performed cut to fill, imported and placed road base, installed trench drain system and culverts

Completed: July 2019

Bluestone Valley Substation- DeBeque, Colorado

17 acre grading and rip rap 

Completed: April 2019

Pierce Substation- Pierce, Colorado

Grade existing site, import & place road base, install trench drain system, and culverts

Completed:  March 2019

Gila Substation- Yuma, Arizona

Strip and stockpile topsoil, perform cut to fill, install drainages and road base 

Completed:  March 2019

Yoakum Substation- Plains, Texas

Install conduit, grounding, and surfacing stone.

Completed:  March 2019

Sholes Substation-  Wayne, Nebraska            

New Substation

Minco West Substation- Hinton, Oklahoma

New Substation

Pratt Wind Substation- Pratt, Kansas

New Substation                       

Kingman Substation-  Cunningham, Kansas

Substation Expansion

Harvest Mile Substation -  Aurora, Colorado

20 Acre Electrical Substation, Site Grading 250,000 CY of Earthwork, Access Roads, and Site Drainage Infrastructure

Hobbs Generating Project- Hobbs, New Mexico

Electrical Duct Bank and Grounding Installation


Bergen Park Substation -  Evergreen, Colorado

10,000 SFF MSE Retaining Wall for a Live 115kV/38kV Substation Expansion    


Wolcott Substation -  Wolcott, Colorado

Addition of 2-20 MVAR Reactors, Substation Expansion

Bodo Substation -  Durango, Colorado

Live 115kV Substation Rebuild

Carrizzo Canyon 115kV Substation -  RuidosoNew Mexico

Wall Construction and Drainage Improvements


Antelope Station Utility Upgrades -  Abernathy, Texas

Duct Bank Installation

Meeker Substation Improvements -  Meeker, Colorado

Retaining Wall Installation, Site Preparation, and Drainage Improvements         

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